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Chattanooga Physio TENS/NMES Stimulator



Chattanooga Physio TENS/NMES Stimulator

Product Details: 

  • Start feeling better with this TENS/NMES stimulator so you can get a pain relief 
  • This Chattanooga Physio is a complete 4-channel stimulator giving you a comprehensive treatment 
  • Developed to manage all indications of electrotherapy: standard (TENS/NMES), full (neurology, ACL) and denervated muscles, iontophoresis, hyperhidrosis, urology or oedema prevention
  • Optimum programme configuration.


Channels: 4 independent and individually adjustable
Pulse shape: constant rectangular current with pulse compensation
Max. pulse intensity: 120 mA
Pulse width: 30 to 400 us
Pulse frequency: 1-150 Hz

Denervated muscle:
Pulse shape: compensated, rectangular or triangular
Max. pulse intensity: 30 mA
Pulse width: 10 to 1000 us
Pulse frequency: 1/30 Hz - 10 Hz

Iontophoresis, hyperhidrosis
Pulse shape: continuous current
Max. intensity: 20 mA
Pulse width: 150 us
Pulse frequency: 100 Hz