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Etac Fresh Bath Board with Orange Handle



Etac Fresh Bath Board with Orange Handle

Product Benefits:

  • Fresh from Etac is the original batboard that has set the standard in the industry 
  • It's front edge, placed on the bathtub's outer side is wide to provide maximum support for transfers
  • The mid-section is narrowed off to allow ease of access for intimate hygiene
  • The updated flat edge stops are easy to mount and secure by using the included plastic coin 
  • Four friction linings allows the bath board to stay securely on the bathtub 
  • Simple to fit and easy to adjust for different widths of bath
  • A support handle provides additionnal security 
  • Next to handle you will find a place for your soap 

Product Details:

  • Length: 74 cm (29”) 
  • Width: 36-27-30 cm 
  • Adjustability of edge stops: 
  • Maximum: 68.6 cm (27") 
  • Minimum: 43.2 cm (17") 
  • Maximum capacity: 330 lbs