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Hugger Weight Set 12 units

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Hugger Weight Set 12 units

Product Benefits: 

  • Start getting your strengths back with this hugger weight so you can get back to doing what you love
  • The hugger weight is designed to add resistance to your exercise routines so you can enjoy your normal life 
  • This weight can be also used for both ankle and wrist for a wide range of workout routines 
  • Great exercise wight sets that can be used in the comfort of your home or in clinics by physical therapists 

Product Details:

  • Hugger Wrist/Ankle Weight Set - total 12 units (24 lbs)
  • Color-coded indicating different weights 
  • Can be used as ankle weights
  • Heavy-duty stitching for extra strength and longevity
  • Vertically sewn pockets provide unparalleled flexibility when wrapped around the wrist or ankle
  • Velcro strap and closure ensure a snug fit
  • The set contains: 2 of each 1/8 kg, 1/4 kg, 1/2 kg, 1 kg, 1 1/5 kg adn 2 kg 
  • * Additional charge for the heavy item *