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​Hwato Acupuncture Needles


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Hwato Acupuncture Needles 

Product Benefits: 

  • Hwato acupuncture needles feature a long taper tip guaranteeing nearly pain-free insertion, providing a smoother needling experience
  • Made of premium stainless steel
  • Bi-metallic handle with tube for easy-use
  • Pre-sterilized with ethylene oxide gas, deginded to meet the highest standards

Product Details:

  • 100 needles per box with Individual blister packaging
  • Hwato acupunture needles are trusted by healthcare professionals across Canada
  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes/lengths for all your treatment needs
  • Our warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto offer fast shipping across canada
  • Hwato brand needles are China's finest quality traditional Chinese style acupuncture needles