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Medibeads Moist Heating Pads - Back Wrap


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Medibeads Moist Heating Pads - Back Wrap

Product Benefits:

  • Medibeads Heat Packs are a popular choice by healthcare professionals in Canada 
  • Moist heat is well known for its' ability to provide a greater deep-muscle penetration and to increase circulation 
  • The MediBeads moist heating pad is microwavable, so no more clumsy cords or water mess 
  • What makes Medibeads unique is it produces moist heat by absorbing water molecules from the air to produce a clean, soothing heat.

Product Details:

  • Size is 7" x 14" 
  • It is designed for around the back, abdomen, hips 
  • This wrap has ties to keep the heating pad in place during treatment 
  • Great for lying in bed or sitting in a chair 
  • Odor-Free, Dust-Free 
  • Two choices of packaging available 
  • Clamshell package (plastic container) 
  • Or Poly Bag package (plastic bag) 

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:

  • Low back pain 
  • Sciatica pain relief 
  • Hip pain 
  • Abdomen cramp