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Monark Rehab Trainer

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Monark Rehab Trainer

Product Benefits: 

  • Start feeling better with this rehab trainer bike so you can go back to your normal activities 
  • This stationary bike can be used as a leg or arm ergometer.
  • An excellent aid to recovery after injury or illness for a smooth rehabilitation process 
  • Ideal for physically handicapped patients such as paraplegics and amputees as an upper body ergometer and trainer.

Product Details: 

  • Features a graduated scale in watts, showing the workload at 50 r/min.
  • Gives electronic readouts of pedal r/min, total pedal revolutions and time.
  • The crank arms are individually adjustable both horizontally and vertically.
  • A control knob adjusts the brake force.
  • Includes an adjustable handle and wheels for easy transport.
  • Dimensions: 21.2” long, 18.5” wide and 21.6” high.
  • Weighs 48.5 lb.
  • it extremely useful for patients who are confined to wheelchairs or who use walking aids
  • Suitable for home or institution / clinical use
  • An adjustable height table is available and can be purchased separately 

Shipping Information: 

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