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Neurotrac Wireless Bluetooth Software Kit 5



Neurotrac Wireless Bluetooth Software Kit 5

Product Details:

  • For MyoPlus 2 and MyotPlus 4
  • Activation allow up to five units to be connected at the same time via Bluetooth connection
  • Includes software, manuals, and all cables. Connected to computer via USB connect
  • An easy to use windows software used to display live EMG readings on to your computer screen. 
  • Being able to view the EMG reading in a graph format makes it much easier for the therapist and patient to understand muscle activity. 
  • The software offers five main modes of operation including open display used for general EMG readings without a set time limit. 
  • Template training allows a therapist to create a template line for the patient to follow by increasing the patient’s control of a particular muscle. 
  • Work/rest assessment monitors the progress of the patient and creates statistics to aid the therapist to evaluate and diagnose muscular problems. 
  • Full EMG statistics are also displayed at the end of the session. 
  • Patient progress reports can be created from work/rest assessments and produce comprehensive graph and statistical reports. 
  • Up to 10 assessments can be viewed in graph form on one page allowing the therapist to visually compare each assessment to see what progress the patient is or is not achieving. 
  • These reports can also be used to form comprehensive reports if a clinic needs to demonstrate to a third party that the patient is benefiting from treatment.