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Pyonex Single Press Needles


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Pyonex Single Press Needles

Product Benefits:

  • The new and advanced Pyonex Single Needles continue Seirin's tradition of gentle, painless and stress free press needle 
  • The patented plastic case and sheath allow the practitioner to insert the needle without touching the needle tip 
  • Featuring micropore adhesive tape which allows the skin to breathe during treatment 
  • Pyonex single needles allow smooth insertion, the result is a pleasant and painless experience for your patient

Product Details:

  • Seirin Pyonex Single needles are manufactured with surgical stainless steel 
  • Micropore adhesive tape is hypoallergenic latex-free adhesive 
  • Pyonex Singles come in four different color-coded lengths Yellow (0.6mm), Green (0.9mm), Blue (1.2mm), and Pink (1.5mm) 
  • Box of 100 single needles