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TeWa Acupuncture Needles Non-Coated 0.30 x 100mm



TeWa Acupuncture Needles Size (.30 x 100mm) 

Product Benefits:

  • This is non-coated Tewa Needles 
  • Non-coated Tewa needles are great for practitioners who use direct moxa, or have patients with an allergy to silicone.
  • Feature a micro-layer of bio-inert silicone which reduces friction on insertion and minimize patient discomfort
  • Copper-wound loop handle providing excellent conductivity for electro-stim 
  • Packaged in Safe-T Sleeve, the world's first two-part guide tube.
  • Safe-T Sleeve to help complete insertion to the target depth, without compromising the sterility of the needle shaft.

Product Details:

  • Size .30 x 100mm
  • Tewa needles are made of bi-metallic, composed of a stainless steel 
  • The first needle featuring a double-guide tube insertion system - the Safe-T Sleeve
  • 100 needles per box