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Thuasne Sports UP Calf Compression Sleeve - Women


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Thuasne Sports UP Calf Compression Sleeve - Women

Product Details:

  • Wear the Thuasne Sports Up Calf Compression Sleeve when you play sports to help reduce cramps and to improve circulation!
  • The sleeve has a bacteriostatic effect as it protects the skin against the development of bacteria and odour
  • This degressive compression stimulates venous return during physical exertion and contributes to good oxygenation of the muscles 
  • To ensure greater comfort, the Thuasne Sleeve is anatomical pre-shaped at the calf to make it easier to pull on 
  • Comes in Four Sizes for Women
  • Available Colour:  Fuchsia
  • Sold as a Pair (2 Sleeves)

How to Measure: 

Measure ankle circumference to find your size.

 Size  Measurement
Small 19 - 21 cm
Medium 21 - 24 cm
Large 24 - 26 cm
X Large 26 - 29 cm